Crazy Time TopX Official Review

Are you ready for another adventure time in the online gambling market? You have come to the right space to encounter one of the most popular solutions from Evolution Gaming — the Crazy Time live dealer game. Open the Crazy Time TopX platform on your device and immerse yourself in this unforgettable and magnificent fun for real money. Onwards!

ProviderEvolution Gaming
Mobile Application❌ but there is a multifunctional mobile version for playing for real money on Android and iOS devices
Maximum Bet45,000 Indian rupees or an equivalent sum in other currencies
Minimum Bet90 Indian rupees or equivalent in other currencies
Bonus Spins✔️
Reels❌ not applicable for TV games
Paylines❌ not applicable for TV games

Beginner-Friendly Guide: How to Play a TopX Crazy Time Show Online

Let’s start our acquaintance with this game by theoretically navigating through the Crazy Time login TopX licensed casino procedure. It will come in handy to avoid any mistakes and pass this exam with an A+.

Action 1: Login or register

The Crazy Time registration itself isn’t challenging:

  • Open the TopX internet casino platform via your chosen browser on your PC, smartphone, or laptop.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Log in to your account with your valid email address and password.

On the contrary, the account verification procedure is underestimated. Don’t forget to complete it on time to ensure you can withdraw your rewards without difficulty with available TopX payments methods.

Action 2: Place your bets

The online Crazy Time game lets you place eight types of bets. The initial stake will be on what segment will be «triggered» on the Money Wheel. You can choose out of fifty-four options.

Action 3: Wheel spin and win

You won’t spin the wheel manually. This and similar operations are performed in front of you by the real human dealer. Track your progress in the History tab.

Action 4: Trigger bonus games

Place bets and wait for the moment when a segment with one of four bonus games appears. Follow the live dealer’s instructions to win more lucrative prizes — for instance, up to 20,000x in the Crazy Time bonus round.

Tips on How to Play Crazy Time Game Big Win

Crazy Time biggest win

All the rounds take place in a land-based studio with a live dealer guiding you through different in-game stages. The first part is your acquaintance with the Money Wheel — fifty-four segments to place bets on. Its customized design offers several bonuses and prizes, including bonus game triggers and standard payouts.

As you can expect, the music flow complements the breathtaking setting. You will be able to enjoy numerous adrenaline-driving tracks. The HTML5 optimization and real-time broadcast on the Crazy Time TopX app allow for on-the-go gambling experiences without downtime and other errors.

To write the Crazy Time big win today history on your terms, it is important how strategic your online gambling approach is. Make sure your tactics incorporate the following.

Follow responsible gambling guidelines

Whatever Crazy Time casino strategy you consider, it is a must to stick to the rules of responsible gambling. That’s how you can avoid any temptations and be more precise in your decision-making. Setting bankroll and betting limits can assist you in forming a habit of playing real-money games for fun rather than trying to win back your losses or turn them into a source of full-time income.

Betting strategies of Crazy Time TopX Casino

Set the highest Crazy Time score possible by increasing the accuracy of your betting «shots». That will be possible if you experiment with several staking formats and see what format is more likely to lead to the desired result. Instead of aggressive and risky betting options, start with balanced and small-sized bets at first.

Bet on multiple numbers

This tactic won’t lead to rewards in 100% of cases. Nonetheless, it really works — it is all about increasing your winning odds. With small-sized bets, placing stakes on several numbers on the wheel won’t be Mission Impossible. Test it and see whether you like the process and its outcome.

Manage your bankroll

It is normal to set different bankroll limits per week or month, especially with the flexible income you might have. However, it is a bad idea to omit this stage at all. It enhances the risk of betting a lot more than you would’ve actually wanted.

What You Need to Know About Crazy Time Bonus Games

Although it is hard to tell whether the Crazy Time TopX official interface wouldn’t have become a staple of the modern live casino world without bonus games, it is clear their role in enhancing its attraction in the eyes of Indian punters is second to none. Stay tuned to familiarize yourself with their main performance principles.

Crazy Time bonuses

Round 1: Coin Flip

Once this bonus game is triggered on the main Money Wheel, the live dealer will welcome you to another board with its unique selection of multipliers and mechanisms to obtain those. The winning multiplier is determined by the flip of the coin, as the name implies. Two potential multipliers will appear on the screen — blue and red. Then the two-sided coin will be flipped. Whatever color is on the front determines what multiplier will influence your payout.

Round 2: Pachinko

In this case, the board has multiple pegs, which predetermine the movement of the puck randomly. The place where the puck lands defines what prize you can expect — another multiplier or a certain payout percentage, to mention a few.

Round 3: Cash Hunt

When you trigger this game among other Crazy Time bonuses, you will encounter a so-called shooting gallery with 108 cells to choose from and place your bet on. These cells are depicted as random symbols. However, after getting reshuffled, they uncover their real appearance — varied multipliers.

Your task is to choose the target where you feel the biggest reward is hidden. When the timer runs out and the stake is made, the Cash Hunt board will reveal the truth about the result of your prediction.

Round 4: Crazy Time

Open the door to the magnificent universe of mammoth multipliers with the TopX online site and Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming! Before this part of the main game begins, the task is to select what tone your flapper will be — yellow, green, or blue.

By pressing the large red button, the live dealer activates the wheel’s rotation. When it’s over, the flapper on a certain field defines your winning. The best outcome is to trigger Double or Triple segments. Not only do they increase your multiplier, but they also let you make another spin.

Crazy Time Game RTP and Payouts

Track your Crazy Time online results to see how much progress you make from session to session. It will help you optimize your betting on the TopX official site and be more aware of your decision-making preferences in real-time.

In addition, it is essential to understand the game’s mechanics to be eligible for Crazy Time biggest win — over 52 million Indian rupees or equivalent in other currencies.

SegmentPayoutsTheoretical RTP
Crazy TimeUp to 20,000x94.41%
Cash HuntUp to 1,500x95.27%
PachinkoUp to 10,000x94.33%
Coin FlipUp to 5,000x95.70%
Number 1010:195.73%
Number 55:195.78%
Number 22:195.95%
Number 11:196.08%

Last but not least, benefit from Crazy Time spins you can win by participating in numerous activities on the TopX internet casino platform:

  • on-site bonuses and promotions;
  • entering deposit and no deposit promo codes;
  • increasing your level in the loyalty program, and so on.


The future of the Crazy Time live dealer game is surely exciting. With continuous updates from Evolution Gaming, its interface is likely to acquire new features and become a better version of itself. Higher efficiency, more bonuses, and more secure fair play mechanisms will ensure the popularity of the Crazy Time TopX official game won’t decrease.


  • 💳 What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts for Crazy Time TopX?

    These are 90 Indian rupees and 45,000 Indian rupees, correspondingly.

  • ⌛ What are the Crazy Time slot bonuses?

    Register on the site and complete its app review with wagering requirements in mind to claim free spins and credit funds to use in the Crazy Time gameplay.

  • 💰 How do I win the bonus games in the Crazy Time slot?

    There are several tips to follow, but the most crucial thing is to personalize your approach to match your betting style preference and bankroll capacity.

  • 📱 Can I play TopX Crazy TopX time on my mobile phone?

    This and other India games are accessible for free and real money — all you need is to open the site via your browser on your mobile device, be it iOS or Android.

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